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Wheelie Bin Shed Storage

Ireland’s Trusted Manufacturer & Supplier of Bin Sheds Delivering Ireland Nationwide.

Improve the look of your outdoor space with CSH Furniture’s top-quality Wheelie Bin Shed units. We offer meticulously crafted storage sheds, designed to hide your wheelie bins and add a touch of class to your premises.

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Why Choose CSH Furniture’s Wheelie Bin Storage Units?

Our units are not just about hiding your bins; they’re an upgrade to your outdoor space. Our pressure-treated timber and push-to-open doors ensure durability and ease of use. The unique lid design features a chain system for effortless bin access, and with the optional stay-open and soft-close pistons, managing your bins has never been easier.

Moreover, our units are sturdy enough to withstand blustery winds, ensuring your bins stay in place no matter the weather. With multiple size options, we can accommodate as little as one bin or as many as your home requires.

Customise Your Unit to Match Your Aesthetics

We understand that every home is unique, and your bin storage should reflect that. Therefore, we offer various paint and varnish options, allowing your unit to seamlessly blend with your garden decor. If you have a specific color or idea in mind that isn’t in our standard range, we’re more than happy to accommodate your request.

Dimensions to Suit Your Needs

We offer a variety of sizes to fit your specific requirements:

  • Single Wheelie Bin Storage: 119cm (H) x 80cm (D) x 70cm (W)
  • Double Wheelie Bin Storage: 119cm (H) x 80cm (D) x 140cm (W)
  • Triple Wheelie Bin Storage: 119cm (H) x 80cm (D) x 210cm (W)
  • Quad Wheelie Bin Storage: 119cm (H) x 80cm (D) x 280cm (W)​

Nationwide Delivery and Hassle-free Installation

We deliver across Ireland. Upon delivery, our team of professionals will assemble the storage unit, ensuring it’s set up correctly and ready for immediate use.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

At CSH Furniture, your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any special requests or need assistance with choosing the right storage unit, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. Together, we can create a unique, functional, and attractive outdoor space for you.

Want to save on cost?

Do you really need a back panel for your wheelie bin storage if your unit is against a wall? Maybe not.

Only add this cost if required, this is why we have removed the back panel from our standard units, as those savings are passed back to you.

If the back panel is needed, no problem, add it to your basket when checking out.

Our wheelie bin storage units are made of high-quality pressure treated timber, which makes them secure, durable and very sturdy. Blustery winds will have no effect on the installed units to be sure.

Our units can hold as little as one bin or can be customised to as many bins as your home requires, they will also suit any garden décor or a communal area. And with the addition of our paint options, they can really blend in against your existing garden colour theme.

We have several paint and varnish options available.

If you are looking for a colour we do not have in our base stock please send us your colour code and your idea, and we can add this to your quotation, we have several standard colours to select during the online order process, if your looking for a different colour get in touch with our team who can help advise on a quote.


Can the storage units be customised or painted to match my garden decor?2023-09-21T09:59:41+00:00

Yes, our bin shed units can be customised or painted to match your garden decor, allowing you to add a personal touch to your outdoor space. We have a range of paints we stock as standard. Contact us for more information on customisation options.

Are your storage units suitable for commercial or industrial use?2023-04-26T21:37:54+00:00

Yes, our storage units are suitable for both residential and commercial use, as the are secure and sturdy making them a versatile and flexible storage solution for your home or business.

Do you offer installation services for your wheelie bin storage units?2023-04-26T21:36:37+00:00

Yes, installation is a part of our delivery process for our wheelie bin storage units, ensuring that your unit is properly set up and ready to use.

Can the storage units be locked to prevent theft or unauthorized access?2023-04-26T21:35:04+00:00

Yes, our storage units can be locked to prevent theft or unauthorized access, giving you peace of mind and added security.

Are your storage units weatherproof?2023-04-26T21:34:07+00:00

Yes, our storage units are designed to be weatherproof and can withstand rain, wind, and other outdoor conditions.

How many wheelie bins can your storage units hold?2023-04-26T21:33:13+00:00

Our wheelie bin storage units can hold one or multiple wheelie bins, depending on the size of the unit. We presently offer from single to quad-sized storage but can cater for larger sizes on request

For more information regarding our wheelie bin storage or custom storage solutions please get in contact with our team.


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