Wheelie Bin Storage for residential or commercial premises

Our Wheelie Bin Storage Units are ideal for hiding your unsightly bins from your view in a neat manner.

With our pressure treated timber and our standard push to open doors, our Wheelie Bin Storage Units are fabricated and ready for delivery fast.

Each unit has a lid that can be opened for easy access to your bins when leaving out your rubbish.

Our Wheelie Bin Storage Units’ lid features a chain system that allows the bin lid to lift when lifting the unit’s top.

Each unit has individual opening doors with a latch system at the front so the bins can be easily removed and emptied.

With the option of our stay open and soft close pistons, you don’t have to worry about the lid shutting back down on you keeping things nice and clean.


Starting from €525 (VAT inclusive)

Picture of a Dual Wheelie Bin Storage Unit in the color black

Starting from €351 (VAT inclusive)

Starting from €228 (VAT inclusive)

Starting from €646 (VAT inclusive)

Starting from €554 (VAT inclusive)

Custom Storage Unit - Pressurised Timber Frame

Small form factor. Starting from €357 (VAT inclusive)

Custom Storage Unit - Large form factor

large form factor.
Starting from €861 (VAT inclusive)

Want to save on cost?

Do you really need a back panel if your unit is against a wall?

Only add this cost if needed, this is why we have removed the back panel from our standard units, those savings are passed back to you.

If the back panel is needed, no problem, add it to your basket when checking out.

Our wheelie bin storage units are made of high-quality pressure treated timber, which makes them durable and sturdy.

Our units can hold as little as one bin and can be made to house as many bins as you require, either will suit any garden decor or a communal area.

Need your wheelie bin storage unit to match your garden theme?

Why not get them painted before delivery?

Please send us your colour code and your idea, and we can add this to your quotation, we have several standard colors to select during the online order process, if your looking for a different colour get in touch with our team who can help advise on a quote..

For more information regarding our wheelie bin storage or custom storage solutions please get in contact with our team.

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